Wednesday, July 23, 2008

you gotta be kidding

I don't know who I thought I was kidding in my last post, I must be getting pretty good at lying to myself! HA! Overall I did manage to have my kitchen (at one time) clean, and threw away my damn coffee pot that quit working about a month ago! I also cleaned my bathroom completely, well ok I have vacuumed in there yet. Yes, my bathroom is carpeted, but that's another story. I also managed to get my sheets changed on my bed. I haven't tackled the mountain of clothes in my floor yet. Oh, and I unpacked Hubby's suitcase. Yep, it's been laying there since we return from MI. I did get a few good chuckles when he would get up during the night or morning and kick the damn thing!! My next plan is to tackle the bedroom. I also want to tackle our den (me and hubby disagree on the name of this room). The den is where clothes get thrown after coming out of the dryer. Sometimes folded others times not so much. It also houses my hubby's racing stuff. (I was nice there, I could have said racing shit!) And our old PC that doesn't work, a couple of old printers, a fax machine, a copier, and two filing cabinets. I so want to get in there and chuck about half of the crap! I'm gonna do it! Just not exactly sure when.

My house had been so damn hot. I live in the south, and the temps are anywhere between 90 and 100+ and add the humidity to that and it's miserable. Try living in that without any AC! Yes we were doing that. Did you catch that were part? We installed some AC units this weekend. YEAH!!! I slept a whole lot better. It does make it a little easier to clean now. Even though I still don't wanna do it!

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