Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend plans

I usually don't make plans, because they have a way of getting screwed up. Well either that or the punks piss someone off and put everyone in a bad mood and dampens things a bit. But I think we actually "made plans" for the weekend. Nothing big. Saturday: morning maybe taking stuff the the landfill then off to the lake for swimming and boating. Sunday: Family reunion and then off to the lake for swimming and boating. See a pattern there? Hopefully I can come out of this weekend NOT favoring a lobster like last weekend. I would like to get a way for a while without the punks, but the likely hood of that happening is well not that good. But I can hope that everyone minds their P's and Q's. Whom I kidding, it will be balls to the wall like normal.

Oh!!, only (about) 28 days until vacation!!!!!!! Wanna go somewhere? Click here!

ETA: Only one punk left in the house for tonight(so far)!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's summer time...

The time has finally arrived. It's time to drag out all the floats, water toys, beach towels and sunblock! Summer is here. Well not officially but close enough. Memorial day has come and went, thus kicking off "cookout season". We spent the day on the lake. We had a blast swimming and boating. The water was still a little chilly, but not too bad. At least it didn't leave the kiddos with purple lips. I, for one, seem to favor a lobster today. The burgers and dogs wasn't the only thing that got cooked yesterday. I made sure to slather sunscreen on the little miss ray, but mom didn't do so well with myself. One of these days I'll remember. Maybe next weekend when we go back out? Hopefully! We're on the count down to vacation. About 34 days to go! The only part I dread is the 1400 miles. Yes we're driving and gas prices are gonna kill us. But oh well, it's once a year. By the time next year is here we'll make up the difference.....

Friday, May 16, 2008

90 more minutes of torture....

LOL that doesn't sound quite right. How about 90 minutes till the weekend! Nah, like the first one better. Nothing is more boring that sitting here with nothing to do. Well I am blogging so I guess that's ok. I'll be glad when this week is over. I've had enough screw ups for one week. TGIF!!!Spaz

pass or fail....FAIL

Ever had the feeling that you just can't get anything accomplished? No matter what you do, how hard you try, every trick you pull, nothing helps. Two steps forward, three steps back. Yeah, well that's where I am at right now. I sometimes just want to say screw it all, just through up my hands and yell I quit. I'm done that's it. Then I bang my head against the wall and knock some sense back into myself and start all over. "This to shall pass".... I try to keep telling myself that. But holy hell, it needs to speed the hell up. My house is a wreck, it looks like these storms have blown through my house. Yes I know with 5 punks it shouldn't look like that. But to my disadvantage, I have a hard time telling them to do this or that. Yes they should be doing some. But at the same time, I can't get it out of my head that I'm the mom and that's my job to do. Also, it's not done the way I would do it so I end up redoing it a lot of the times anyway. But I get so freaking frustrated that nothing gets done. I can say that the dishes are done. But walk around the corner and you will see the mountain of clothes strewn all over the floor that needs to be folded. I washed them, dried them, then threw them there and stopped. Yeah, I suck at this. Sure if I had all day to clean (without interruptions) it would get done. But by the next day it would all be undone. It's been proven. No one likes to keep cleaning on a daily basis. Everyone it too good for that. Just pick your shit up and that would help a lot. Sitting back and saying this room is a mess doesn't help. Saying I need to do this or that doesn't help. I feel like a failure as a wife and mom. I see the outcome of my actions, but for some reason have the inability to change it. Was it the way I was raised? Is it just me? Does my past have something to do with it? I dunno. I'll figure it out someday, just hopefully it's not a day late.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Headed to the WNBA??

Could we have a star on our hands? Well it's too soon to tell. My dearest daughter is trying out for basketball at school. They have 10/11 spots to fill and about 20 girls. Hmmm... she's one of the younger ones so I don't know if that will help or hurt. She's also only play one "season" of bball. She got speed! She's short. She's can make the shot! Just not with her left hand. Yesterday was the second day of tryouts, and I heard the words I've been waiting to hear. "Mom, my legs and feet hurt. We had to do the "wall squats" without the wall." Yes!!! I'm not mean I promise. I have forewarned her about the workouts and she kept blowing me off.... hehehe. Mom was right!!! Of course she didn't say that. We shall find out at the end of the week if she makes the team.

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Well to update... she didn't make the team Feeling Blue . I feel so bad for the little punk. I could hear the disappointment in her voice. This was her first time to try out for a sport. There's always next year!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Up is the only way to go

Don't know if you've noticed my little link for "Today in History" over in my side bar, but I saw this and couldn't help but laugh:

2004 - Crude oil prices hit a 13-year high of $40 a barrel at the New York Merchantile Exchange. Auto gasoline at the pump topped $2 a gallon by mid-month.

As of right now according to Bloomberg the current price is $122.07 per barrel. With the national average of gas at the pump being $3.619 .

According to studies, it's only going to keep going up! Why well one reason is of course no other than supply and demand. Apparently people in China and other countries decided to start buying cars and driving. Oh come on, now we are having to pay for them to catch up to our society. We will see a rise for the next couple of years then a plateau then slowing dropping. But don't ever expect to see a 1 in front of any price again!

I know a year ago we all were bitching and griping about 2 bucks and now we all are getting screwed. In my opinion we should start drilling here! Yes I know there are risks and dangers to the wildlife. But look at our economy. Soon the wildlife won't have to worry about anything because gas will be so damn high that nobody will be able to afford it so they won't be in harm. When about 1/2 a paycheck goes to cover gas, I think something needs to be done! We are seriously debating on canceling our summer vacation over this. I did an estimated guess earlier and figured we will spend over $300 on gas alone! That's more than our reservations cost. Ugh!!!!

It's True!

While it may be true, I just can't bring myself to drink it. To me it would be like drinking gas! Yuck! Now give me a nice mixed drink and I'm good to go. But then of course those would run up there where a gallon of gas so I'd be back to square one. Figures!!
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Trying to make a living....

....and it ain't working!

Can I just say that I'm sick and tired of being broke. No actually we're broker than broke ever thought about being. Ugh!! and it's so freaking annoying. I've tried racking my brain to figure out how to cut out some things. Yeah that ain't working either. Everything is (almost) down to the bare minimum. I could kick my own ass for allowing the extra fun things we did the past couple of weekends. But sheesh, the kids needed it. Well I guess now they'll have to pay for it with the rest of us. Cause for the next few weeks come weekends our happy little butts are sitting at home. Can't afford to do anything and on top of that can't afford the damn gas to go do it! If it ain't one thing it's another thing being thrown in our faces! I'm so sick of it. (I've said that already) Take care of this then it's like a freaking little gremlin is sitting there just waiting for it's moment of greatness and drops a bomb in our laps, laughing it's freakish little evil laugh. Yeah, I'd like to take that little gremlin and pop it's little head! Know any ways of making extra cash without standing on the corner LOL??