Monday, May 5, 2008

Trying to make a living....

....and it ain't working!

Can I just say that I'm sick and tired of being broke. No actually we're broker than broke ever thought about being. Ugh!! and it's so freaking annoying. I've tried racking my brain to figure out how to cut out some things. Yeah that ain't working either. Everything is (almost) down to the bare minimum. I could kick my own ass for allowing the extra fun things we did the past couple of weekends. But sheesh, the kids needed it. Well I guess now they'll have to pay for it with the rest of us. Cause for the next few weeks come weekends our happy little butts are sitting at home. Can't afford to do anything and on top of that can't afford the damn gas to go do it! If it ain't one thing it's another thing being thrown in our faces! I'm so sick of it. (I've said that already) Take care of this then it's like a freaking little gremlin is sitting there just waiting for it's moment of greatness and drops a bomb in our laps, laughing it's freakish little evil laugh. Yeah, I'd like to take that little gremlin and pop it's little head! Know any ways of making extra cash without standing on the corner LOL??

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