Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend plans

I usually don't make plans, because they have a way of getting screwed up. Well either that or the punks piss someone off and put everyone in a bad mood and dampens things a bit. But I think we actually "made plans" for the weekend. Nothing big. Saturday: morning maybe taking stuff the the landfill then off to the lake for swimming and boating. Sunday: Family reunion and then off to the lake for swimming and boating. See a pattern there? Hopefully I can come out of this weekend NOT favoring a lobster like last weekend. I would like to get a way for a while without the punks, but the likely hood of that happening is well not that good. But I can hope that everyone minds their P's and Q's. Whom I kidding, it will be balls to the wall like normal.

Oh!!, only (about) 28 days until vacation!!!!!!! Wanna go somewhere? Click here!

ETA: Only one punk left in the house for tonight(so far)!!

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