Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Up is the only way to go

Don't know if you've noticed my little link for "Today in History" over in my side bar, but I saw this and couldn't help but laugh:

2004 - Crude oil prices hit a 13-year high of $40 a barrel at the New York Merchantile Exchange. Auto gasoline at the pump topped $2 a gallon by mid-month.

As of right now according to Bloomberg the current price is $122.07 per barrel. With the national average of gas at the pump being $3.619 .

According to studies, it's only going to keep going up! Why well one reason is of course no other than supply and demand. Apparently people in China and other countries decided to start buying cars and driving. Oh come on, now we are having to pay for them to catch up to our society. We will see a rise for the next couple of years then a plateau then slowing dropping. But don't ever expect to see a 1 in front of any price again!

I know a year ago we all were bitching and griping about 2 bucks and now we all are getting screwed. In my opinion we should start drilling here! Yes I know there are risks and dangers to the wildlife. But look at our economy. Soon the wildlife won't have to worry about anything because gas will be so damn high that nobody will be able to afford it so they won't be in harm. When about 1/2 a paycheck goes to cover gas, I think something needs to be done! We are seriously debating on canceling our summer vacation over this. I did an estimated guess earlier and figured we will spend over $300 on gas alone! That's more than our reservations cost. Ugh!!!!

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