Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No lobster here!

Well the weekend shaped up pretty good. Not exactly like the plan, but good overall. Had one punk for the night and went boating until way after dark! Swam Sat and Sun. And like the title says, no I don't favor a lobster!! Even though I think I'm starting to favor a snake a little. My back decided to shed. Well it just better hurry up cause it may only be Tues., but the weekend is coming up! Today my oldest two punks leave for their trip w/ the g'parents. They are going to see 2 Braves baseball games and go to Stone Mountain. I wish I was going! But we still have our own countdown going on here... 24 days and counting!! I think next weekend the other two oldest are going to the other g'parents for the weekend. That just leaves the smallest punk going no where. That's alright though. She's a mommy's girl anyway, plus she got to go on the spur of the moment trip to the lake Friday.

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