Friday, June 13, 2008


Ahhhhh... only a couple more hours to go then I'm off work!! Yea for me!

Feeling a little better today. Not a whole lot. And if your wondering, we had to deal with the punk 16's shit again last night. But it was sworn to us that the boy would not be there this weekend while she's there so I believe we are going to let her spend the night. If I find out any different, she'll figure out just what how mean I can be instead of dad! Who knows if it's a mistake or not, only time will tell. But at least I don't have to hear the moaning and groaning and deal with the attitude of her tonight. No tonight it will probably be s12!! Oh, also, I told you that during all this punk 3 was usually planning her attack. Yeah, you guessed it, she attacked last night like never before. Punk 8 will be carrying a nice size bruise on her forehead/temple. This is what happens when you are hit in the head with a wooden building block! Yeah punk 3 threw it at her and nailed her. Punk 8 had a pretty good size knot and it was already turning purple when she got to me. She got an ice pack and little miss terror got put in time out, then sent to bed. She kept saying "I wanna be nice" or "I be nice now". Broke my heart, but I had to tell her that I knew she did, but it was too late and she was in trouble. She did hug her sister several times and kept telling her "love you sissy and I sorry". The little stinker!

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