Monday, June 23, 2008

We're in a Holding Pattern

....and the brakes have been applied. As of right now, our vacation trip to MI is in the air. Hubby's father is in the hospital at this time. By tomorrow we should know something for sure. I'm on the fence on it all. I've had a feeling I haven't been able to shake concerning this trip. I think we still might go camping at a local place, or just go somewhere a few hours away instead of 12. I don't know. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Oh a good note, I finally got my "baby" home. After being gone for a week, 3 is back at home. Man I missed her. So for the first time in a long time, all 5 punks were home this weekend. And oh my God, what a freaking loud weekend it was. And the arguing/fighting, I've got to figure out where to apply for the referee pay. Sheesh. And mostly over stupid Barbie doll clothes/shoes. "Don't touch my stuff".... if I could coin that phrase I'd be a millionaire! But the worst part was it was s12 saying that to 3!!! Come on. Ugh! 8 has the bad habit of being a follower/pushover, so she got into some trouble too. And why can they learn that when your asked a question, just answer truthfully. Yeah you might get in trouble. But I guarantee it will be less than when you lie to our face!!! Needless to say 8 was put to bed early last night. Followed by 12 & s12 who started arguing and fighting. Then s17 & cousin 12 went to bed at eleven. Then s12 decided to start aggravating them. I need to invent something to keep them tied down in bed without getting me in trouble. Why can't they just go to bed and stay in bed like normal people. I don't need to hear all the bumps in the night! I'm starting to get sleep deprived over this!!!!

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