Monday, June 9, 2008

Shout Out

I would like to give a big shout out to:
Suburban Turmoil and This Full House for I have won from each of their contest/give-a-ways.

From Suburban Turmoil, I received cleaning supplies. Ok ok, it was toilet cleaners. But when you have 2 toilets and 7 people, you do what you gotta do. Granted I haven't used them yet, because I had just cleaned one of the damn things before I received my package. And two, I haven't gotten up the courage to tackle the punks bathroom yet. When I do, if someone spies an S.O.S, please send help and fast!!! I'm trying to talk hubby into letting me re-do the damn thing.

From This Full House, I won a $50 Target Gift Card! I have already told hubby hands off. I'm spending this on me. What could I possibly want? Besides two minutes in the foremention bathroom without interruptions? I'm getting me a new bathing suit! All my old ones (ones I've had for years) are two big. Yeah the top still fits, no change there. But my butt must have shrunk because they are baggy on me. Yes baggy as in they hang loose in areas they shouldn't! And I'm tired of the shorts I'm still wearing when I take my swimming stuff off! Funny huh? Well then see what you think of this!

ETA: If you notice the cuss-o-meter, I found it at This Full House. She's doing a wonderful fund raiser with it. GO CHECK IT OUT!!! NOW!!!!!!

3 your breaks:

Anonymous said...

Yay, having to buy a smaller swim suit must be an AWESOME feeling - 'course, I wouldn't know ;o)

Congratulations and thanks for the shouts ;o)

Zip n Tizzy said...

Shout out from one new blogger to another!
Found your link on this full house about the f*ing town in Germany... and thought I'd say Hi!
You won 2 contests AND get to buy a smaller bathing suit?

Jen said...

Hey ya'll thanks for stopping by!!!