Monday, June 16, 2008

Pushing Buttons

For this post to make any sense whatsoever you need to read this post first.

Ok I'll start with s12 first. Yes the questions were still thrown at me and hubby left and right. No matter how many times you give a response, if it's not the one she wants the question is coming back at ya later (or should I say rather soon). I'm getting to be pretty good at blowing it off, now hubby will get fed up sooner than I. I know all this is a big adjustment for her, coming for the previous living situation and all. But shit, it's been over 2 months with our rules, our house, or life style. You'd think something would have clicked just a little by now. AAAhhhhh.....I digress.

Ok now on to 16. Can you guess what happened?? Bet ya can! I get there to pick her up and lets just say I wasn't surprised! We get home and the shit hits the fan. I was doing very good letting hubby handle the situation then a nerve of mine got struck and I flew off the handle. Our house, our rules, we are the parents no one else!! And I don't care what so & so said. She apologized later and I told her that I couldn't do anything for her anymore and best thing to do it drop it and let it fall away for now. I did give her an example of what she should have done to show us respect and to be responsible. Maybe that will sink in. For the next few days both are gone visiting grandparents.

I haven't seen 12 in over a week now. She went on vacation with my parents and then to her dads and here and there. I take that back I did see her for about 2 minutes Friday. LOL She is supposed to come home tonight; but has already called to see if she can spend the night with Granny!! And 8 called wanting to say somewhere too! My kiddos don't wanna come home! 3 is also gone for a week visiting her aunt and cousins. I certainly don't mind a quite house, but dang I miss the little punks!!!!

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Shamelessly Sassy said...

I'm jealous of your currently quiet house. My 3 year old has been pinching my ear for 15 minutes. Why, I don't know. Maybe 16 will see what you mean soon. I remember being there myself. :) Also, I saw that you entered Pioneer Woman's Zune contest. I'm having a contest on my blog right now to win 1 of 2 Nintendo DS systems. You should enter! :)