Thursday, March 6, 2008

Do I have STUPID tattooed on my forehead???

Of all the tats I have, which is 3 by the way, I sure don't remember getting that tattooed there!!

Ok, a little background. Gonna be a long one....

Hubby and I have both been hitched before. We have dealt with some crazy ex-wife things. And at this time I would like to give his EX the "Most Creative, lame excuse giving, lazy, crazy Person" award. They do make those right?? Anyways, at one time she and I both worked for the same company, but in different states, (AZ and AL). She ended up getting fired. Somehow in her twisted little world it had something to do with me. Hmm... Some guy from here flew out there to investigate and interview her. Yeah ok! MY name was brought up sever times. Sure it was. In the long run, she was fired. I'm truly sorry, but grow up!

Ok a little common sense here. If there was an investigation concerning me, I do believe that I would have been contacted also. But no, I have been evaluated and given a raise. The only thing that has been brought to my attention is the fact that I'm at my max days absent Opps!

So, in my opinion, She Screwed UP!!!! She abused company policy in some fashion. And somewhere in that mind of hers it was because of me. Well if it make her feel better, and lets her sleep at night, honey you have my best wishes and you can run with that story all you want. But I k now to you I'm evil, wicked, mean and a royal bitch and I'm out to get her. But someone needs to get off whatever it is that there on. Because you know something.... I could care less what she does!!!!! Well as long as it doesn't concern me.

Ok I'm going to to take five now!!

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