Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Is it Wednesday already??? Where did the week go? Oh yeah I was out of it on Monday and recovering on Tuesday. LOL My procedure went well. No problems so far.

I did miss the first day of soccer practice for little Bug. Hubby got to take her and I think she impressed him. I'm so proud of her. I got to take her today. She did pretty good. I got tickled at her when she was in the goalie position. Then they did a little scrimmage and the ball hit her and she started complaining. Uh, babe, get used to it. It's gonna happen a lot playing soccer. I need to get her ball soon and get outside with her and practice. Does anyone know how to add more time to the day? Ugh, I need it. My oldest, punk 12, practice got rained out yesterday. So hopefully she'll get to practice tomorrow! She's excited for tomorrow.

I just read that one of the blogs I read A LOT is going away. I don't know for how long or if it is going to be permanently, but if you don't mind stop by and say bye: I will miss reading her blog tremendously.

Ok it's about bed time here.

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