Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't worry...Be happy????

Oh man, there's been so much going on. Life is like these hurricanes that keep heading into the Gulf of Mexico. My life it about on the same track. Not sure which way it's going until it's too late. This week has just plain sucked. Excuse me.. SUCKED!!! I spend one day at the ER and Urgent care offices with hubby. Damn ER docs didn't do shit but prescribe some pain pills. Urgent care finally gave some kind of diagnosis and more prescriptions. This would be good except for the fact that hubs is being a stubborn male and doesn't want to take the medicines. Ugh! Fine then keep hurting and complaining. Then punk 17 blood sugars was too high for school so she spent the day at work with me. She got a small taste of working. She did good then we get home and her blood starts rising again. So there's got to be something at home she's got stashed that she's getting into. I want to believe her when she says no, but its hard to when things like that keep happening. And if this was enough, hubby got laid off from his job. This is the icing on the cake. I don't know what in the hell we are going to do. Yeah we have a plan, but can't act on it for another month. How are we going to make it another month? I have soccer practices 4 nights a week, plus games fixing to start. Once games start practices will go down, but we'll still be making trips for those. Hubby brought it up that it's usually about this time of the year for him and his jobs. Ugh! It's so dang frustrating. Between life and kids I"m going to go crazy!!!! ****One more person lies to me or yells at me I am not responsible for my actions!!**** Bye now!

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CoftheU said...

This probably won't help you one tiny little bit, but I have a bunch of kiddos too (ranging from 16 down to almost 2) and life is sucking over here too. Lots of similarities but you definitely win the stressed out contest.
I don't have any advice or anything encouraging to say but I AM sending you lots of good thoughts and positivity. I just wanted you to know someone was thinkin' of ya out here in the blogosphere. :)

Jen said...

Thank you cofthu!!! It will get better, it has to right?