Wednesday, September 3, 2008

week 1 of unemployment

for hubby that is....

Hubby says that since he is "off work" right now that he is going to get things 'round the house straightened out. Oh boy! He's planning on going through stuff and getting rid of a lot of things. I told him that he's done that before but the keep pile is always bigger than the go pile. LOL Isn't that how it usually works? I would really love to get in there and do some deep deep cleaning on the place. All that has been getting done lately is a light surface cleaning. S17 has been helping me out so much in that area. I know she hates doing it, but she is one of the only ones that will do it without too much attitude. I have thanked her several times for cooking dinner while I shuttle punks to soccer practice and all. I hate putting so much on her, but she takes most of it with stride. Yes she can be sneaky as all get out, and yes she will do things that she is absolutely not supposed to do, but I guess it sorta balances out in a weird kind of way.

Got a little of subject there. Anywho, anyone want to take bets on just how much junk we are rid of while hubby is unemployed? Anyone want to guess how many more gray hairs I end up with by the time this is over? Will I be able to handle the stress that comes from cleaning? As long as all my rubber bands hold together I think I'll be ok....LOL

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