Tuesday, September 9, 2008

week 2 of.... yeah you know

Well we have embarked on week #2. I believe in the previous post I said something about hubby cleaning and straighting stuff out. HA HA!!!! I think he did pick up 2 pieces of clothing and put them into the correct dirty clothes bin. And no people, I am not joking. I wonder if I made a list if that would help? Uh NO!! Know why, cause he'd hold on to that list until the punks got home and handed it to them. And of course there's not much of a problem with this, except that they only do a half-assed job of their particular job and consider that done. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no perfectionist by any means, but come on! When you load dishes, take the two seconds to turn around and pick up the pan sitting on the stove less than 2 feet behind you. Oh, sorry there. That will be a different post for a different day. Back to hubs! Still unemployed, no foreseeable employer in the near future, no word on unemployment compensation.

PS: Don't ever do a stupid thing like I did when researching online colleges: which would be putting your phone number out there. I have one freaking one that keeps calling and emailing, you'd think they would get the point!

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