Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurrican Ike

GO AWAY!!! Simple enough. Why? I don't like paying out the ass for a tank of gas. $3.59 to +$4.00 pgal in the course of hours is a little bit uh um idiotic!!!! Yes the refineries are shutting down for a couple of days. But what about the stuff that already been refined that sitting there? And oil priced dropped today! Imagine that. It seems like every time they drop we rarely see a decrease, but let them rise the least little bit or have a hurricane blowing through the gulf and we're screwed!!! I don't see the reasoning behind all the people going berserk and filling every car they own, filling every extra container they own. This is why we are having a shortage folks! If you would just continue like normal, get gas when you NEED it things would continue to run smoothly. Now if you are an evacuee, FILL YOUR TANK!!! You my friend have the reason to be doing so. Yes, I filled my tank last night. Before I heard any talk of prices rising. And why? Because my little gas light came on, so therefore if I didn't want to be walking the 20+ miles to and from work (with a 4 year old punk), I thought it would be a good idea to fill-er-up! LIKE NORMAL!!!! Just chill people! Hopefully after tonight/tomorrow Texas will still be there. I hope for that damage will be minimal and not "certain death" as I have read online today.

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