Friday, October 17, 2008


Yep, that's what I'm in. I've tried everything to shake it. Everything is going ok here. Hub's is back working, everyone is well. But I'm in this funk. I'll bite your head off and not think twice about it until about 2 nano seconds later. The smallest things are bugging the shit out of me. I feel like some of the punks are bombarding me with so many damn questions/wants. Want want want then damn it it's not good enough. And the questions: do people not use common sense anymore? Some of the questions ask are so so.... stupid. They won't pertain to anything that we have said or done, more than likely the come out of the blue with no freaking rhyme or reason. Not mentioning any names.... I woke up this morning feeling like shit warmed over. Now I've got that damn mediciney feeling. And still have over an hour of work left. Speaking of work I gotta get back to it!!!

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