Monday, October 20, 2008

Yep that's it

I think I figured it out. Well at least part of it anyway. Are you confused yet???? The funky post is what I'm referring too. Tomorrow is my b-day. One that I'm not looking forward to at all. Tomorrow I will be 30. I'm not happy about it at all. Yes I'm happy that I'm in good health, still alive to be turning another year older. But not happy about turning another year older. I don't want to leave my twenties. I've had to much fun in these years! A lot has changed in my life in these 10 years. I've went through a divorce and a long term relationship. I've married my soul-mate. I've moved several times. I've given birth to three punks and gained two step-punks. I've gotten a couple of worry lines, several several gray hairs. (Can't tell that now, I took care of that last night!!!) I've traveled to new places. I've experienced new and exciting things. Yes I know there's plenty more to see and do. But it's just something about the twenties for me I guess. What does the next 10 years old in store for me? Will the next 10 still be fun and exciting? Will I have this same problem leaving my thirties? Am I completely and utterly crazy? Ok, don't answer that one. Just think in 10 more years my baby will be a teenager!!! Yikes. Ok now I really have a problem.

2 your breaks:

Misty said...

Oh me oh my!!
I am still older than you. Do you really really think you are that old!!
Sorry I didnt call ya for your bday. I just have been busy as hell.

Misty said...