Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crash and Burn

I give up. I so sick and tired of trying to make plans only to have them crash and burn. We were planning a trip to MI, yeah it had to go and rain so now that trip is out. Ugh!!! I was so looking forward to the getaway. I needed it. But, it was par for the course for it not to happen. I should have know that it wouldn't have worked trying to plan it so quickly like we did. Some things began to unravel about a week ago, then something else would show up, then the weather tipped the bowl over this weekend and that was that. I keep hoping for a last minute miracle, but even then it's too late now. Damn it!!! I'm sure we'll go back this summer. But shit fire I wanted to go now. So did the punks. Freaking fracking fu@k a duck. I give up.

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