Monday, December 1, 2008

It's that time again

Well it's that time of the year again. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Black Friday is past. Now it's down to the nitty gritty of Christmas. I haven't even started shopping. I don't want to either. I almost tempted to just buy for the kids and no one else. I can't afford it. 10+ nieces and nephews, brothers, sisters, mom's, dad's and grandparents adds up quick!! Now if I didn't have 5 punks to buy for it might be different. But it's not so that's the way it is. They will come first and foremost then if there's extra I'll buy, maybe.
Hubby is off work for the next month and has been off the past month. We learned last week that he is going to have to have a pacemaker. That is scheduled to happen this week. Just in time for the holiday rush. First he fractures his hip, then gets cleared for work and we find out about this. Yep, sounds like the story of my life. If it's not one things it's another. It''s amazing how quick things can change.
Speaking of change I was going to update my blog look for the holidays but decided I don't know enough to hold all my widgets without having to redo them all. So if you do happen to read this your stuck with the colors already shown. I'll try to add a few pictures to add a little holiday cheer to the place.
Oh we have a new family member now. Her name is Pebbles. She is a teacup Chihuahua. She is about 7 weeks old. And let me tell you, if you think you want another baby. Get a puppy and you'll be reminded of the lack of sleep and waking at all hours of the night. But you also get to wake up with a cute little face in yours. She's spoiled just like any other child would be. If I could somehow manage to get the punks to actually let her feet touch the floor that might would help some. And maybe, just maybe she wouldn't be sitting here at my feet whining right now. Luckily no one at work minds that she sleeps under my desk.
We had our first mix of wintery weather today. We had sleet and snow flurries. It was so beautiful. I couldn't believe how hard it would come down at times. Unfortunately our ground and all it too warm and it melted as fast as it fell. But at least it actually did something.
Ok well I guess that's all for now. Catch ya the in the next five.

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