Monday, December 15, 2008

A new look for the holidays

I decided to go ahead and change things up here a little. Just to try to get a little Christmas spirit in. I wish it was a simple as clicking a button to do every day things. Need to cook, click. Punks need a bath, click. House needs cleaned, click. Oh it would be so simple and add so much more time to the day.
We may decide to take a trip here soon. I think the kids will actually have the most decision holding power for once. They have mentioned wanted to do snow stuff. Well here in the south, we don't get much if any of the white stuff. So we might head north to MI. But it will come as a sacrifice to them. Less presents, trip to MI, or more presents and stay home. So we shall see what they decide.
In the meantime, I still haven't done any shopping!!! Only 9 days to go. Can we say procrastination??? That's me to a "T".

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