Wednesday, April 23, 2008


That, my friends, is the number of tickets wrote in the "Taking back our highways 50/4" campaign. Here's a breakdown of some of them:

  • 1254 for speeding
  • 18 driving under the influence
  • 847 no seatblets or child restraints
  • 53 following too close
  • 21 improper lane change
  • 681 no insurance
  • 237 drivers without license

There were also 63 non-traffic arrest made. These could have been for warrents. Acutal reasoning was not specified.

Luckly, sign of relief, I was not one of the above statistics and neither was my hubby. I did see my share of states along the roadways. I also saw plently of traffic stops along the way too. I actually did hear of a guy getting a ticket for doing 56 in a 55! Oy! A lot were given out around schools zones also. A few that I've heard about I'd be one to argue it and probably get myself in more trouble.

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My business said...

LMAO I would have been in the speeding, following too close and improper lane change. Luckily I am not down there for that fun...