Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday

Yesterday my first born turned....... 12!!!! Where does the time go? I seems like just yesterday I was a scared out of my mind first time mom trying to figure out what to do with a wrinkly crying baby. And now I still feel like a first time mom when it comes to trying to figure out what to do with a freaking 'tween! You would think she's 16 not 12! Look up 'tude and you'll probably find her picture. But if you ask her she'd don't have an attitude. Yeah Right!!! I do feel like more is expected of her because she is the oldest and 'example setter' so I do try to cut her some slack. She's does very good in school. Well if you scratch out her two suspensions she's gotten this year. And she's still alive to tell about them!! Granted she didn't start them, but sheesh girl. Now I know where my gray hairs are coming from. She's very athletic and has recently had interest in soccer and basketball. She did very good for her first time playing either. Especially b-ball considering she was the only girl on the team. I kid her sometimes and tell her she's my boy I never had...LOL!
Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you so much!

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My business said...

Tell the oldest that I am going to take her with my oldest (cant beleive they are only 8 mths apart) and shoot them to the moon till they turn 18-- lol!!!!