Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh Shit!!!

"Take Back Our Highways 50-4"

I understand that doesn't mean anything to anyone but let me explain. Here in my little down we are ranked 2nd or 3rd in the state for the most fatal wrecks. Not something to be proud of I understand. So now our beloved State Troopers are having another campaign where they bring in about 50 extra troopers and crack down on speeders and whatnot, setting up check-points and all that jazz. This last for4 days. Here in lies the Oh Shit!!! Why, well honestly, I'm a speed demon at times. Well if speed demon means about 5 mph over the posted limit, sometimes 10 mph over on the interstate. Now I don't speed in school zones or downtown, but I tend to go a little fast on the interstate or long stright rural roads. And guess what area they are focusing on... rural roads. They are saying they will pull you over for 1 mph over. Shit, shit shit!! I think my speed thingy is off a couple of mph anyway. Hmmmm.... I think I'll keep my fingers crossed and my damn foot off the pedal!!! I'm already paying on a couple of tickets my dear sweet hubby went and got! Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it. :(

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My business said...

LMAO!! Jen you and I have ALWAYS been speed demons. It is just our nature. My problem would be 278 to grannys house...