Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Not exactly what I meant

When I decided on the "Just Gimme Five" name for this blog, in my head I was meaning, of course, something along the lines of a five minute break. Well I guess things happen for a reason, because as of tonight, around 10:30 to be exactly, I will have a total of five punks in my care. Yes you read that right, five. I guess sometime or another I will have to come up with names for them for the purpose of griping talking about them here. It will probably be something creative like punk 1, punk 2, or could be thing 1, thing 2. Yeah creative right? Oh Lord help me!!! Honestly, between you and me, how am I gonna handle it?? 16, 12, 12, 8, and almost 4 are their ages, and of course all girls. My poor hubby, bull, poor me!!
Speaking of hubby, he's been given me handfuls to deal with too. Last week he went into the hospital because of possible heart attack. Well luckily no heart attack. He was ekg'ed, blood draws a million and one times, pressure checks, and had an arteriogram(sp?) done. Found out today doc is worried still and is gonna put a "loop" in to monitor things. Ugh! So we have his health problems, and 16 is type 1 diabetic, so we have to get her straightened out. To put it nicely her environment wasn't the best so there's a lot to straighten. Re-read the post about the stupid tattoo!
In other family news, my sister-in-law had her 7th child last week as well. A healthy baby boy!! But of course all good news come with bad, her 4 born child was also diagnosed as type 1 diabetic and is still currently in the hospital. GET WELL SOON B!!!
How much more can a person handle? The good, the bad, the ugly. I would like to place my order now for more good!! And more patience, a lot more patience.

1 your breaks:

Misty said...

Stop complaining... You knew you were going to have them when you married him. At least they are older and not little totts runny wild. ;)
You will enjoy the summer with them and list to them smart off and have the back talking along with the side dish of attitude.
You will be just fine...:D